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Top Property Agency
Via Zambellino Bolzati, 7 - 25087 Salò (BS)


Who we are

We do not just handle real estate, we take care of people.

Top property is born from the experience of operators who, after working many years in the real estate sector, have developed the idea to take care of individuals, not just of the houses they owe or they are looking for.

We are convinced that a house is much more than an object of use, that it means much more than a concrete place where to leave every day. A house is made of the story it has lived, of the wish of emotions and amazement it communicates, of the sense of welcome it spreads, of the possibility to represent who lives in it, allowing him to develop his own dimension, making of it his own abode.

For this reason we affirm that the person comes before the real estate.

The aim is to pay the due attention to allow each client to calmly make a concious and satisfying choice. A careful listening as well as a constructive, clear and complete communication, are fundamental requirements so that a personal and trustworthy discussion can be the base to build a fruitful professional relationship.

Every person is a reality of lifes, wishes, meteriality and dreams. We try to understand those realities and to find out the house that can welcome them and become part of them.

We propose assets but we try to communicate and transmit hints of places and properties that have a genuine soul, that possess proportion, charm and harmony.

In a word, houses where the elegance is really the “balance between proportions, emotion and wonder”.