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Every purchase and sale is a natural consequence of a good service and a well run business. For this reason,our main scope is to assist clients to our ut-most. It's not necessary that the property which our client is seeking is already amongst those which we are handling. What we are interested in is,finding what the client is looking for by carrying out personal research using collaboration and specific inquiry without extra costs for the buyer. Communication and collaboration are the key words on which we base our work.

For Top Property it is fundamental to listen carefully to our clients and to collaborate with colleagues both at home and abroad.We believe that whoever comes to us can depend on us as their sole reference point delegating our organization to work with other agencies for the sale of the property.

Top property services for those who wish to sell.

-CAREFUL ANALYSIS OF THE PROPERTY: We guarantee the control of the documents necessary for the sale (purchasing acts, planning permission, cadastral documents, town planning data, mortgage controls and certification of energy rating).

-CORRECT PROPERTY VALUATION: We supply the correct value of the property and analysis of the sale conditions in relation to the objective market conditions and the effective importance of the property.

-OPTIMIZING THE VALUE OF THE PROPERTY: We advise practical and economic steps to take in order to create a positive psychological impact through the presentation of the property. We carry out photographic services and suitable presentation to use for brochures and/or publication on the Top Property web site. We agree on the best strategies and means of promotion.

-PRIVACY: We pay great attention to privacy by a careful selection of our clients. We take care to follow through the sale by working diligently with the seller in order to carry out a secure transaction.We organize visits and appointments always guaranteeing the presence of our agent. These tours and appointments are preceded by a meeting with the client in question to analyze their motivation and their possibilities.

Top property services for those who wish to purchase.

-CAREFUL ANALYSIS OF THE REQUEST: We listen carefully to the specific requests of the client concentrating on their priorities in order to obtain a precise and detailed research plan.

-RESEARCHING AND SELECTING: We carry out research and select properties which can satisfy the client's specific requirements. This is also done by creating channels with agencies and representatives in the field, avoiding the clients costly loss of time and tedious research.

-SECURE PURCHASE: We consent a completely safe purchase by retrieval of all the necessary documentation; working with various professionals for whatever technical information needed, for the development of building or renovation plans, for interior decorating and drafting certificates. We supply cadastral practices and certificates. We supply cadastral documents, mortgage information and all the necessary information for the buyer. We take care in dealing with the purchase with absolute diligence for the product to ensure a completely safe transaction.

Top property services for all clients:


-We supply all the information on the cost of the purchase and the handling of the property, providing complete assistance for the transaction. We arrange the (contratto di locazione), the preliminary contract and complete assistance for both the buyer and the seller following up every detail until the final Notary act.

-For Rentals we provide consultation on the various types of contracts,on fiscal matters and on the necessary contacts.

-We provide interpreting services where necessary.

-Our agent is present for every on site appointment.

-We have carefully chosen professionals for technical assistance.

-We provide after sale services such as records of transfer, clearing necessary bureaucracy and communication with the town council.